Centerville Road Church of Christ in Tallahassee, Florida

Background information and a schedule of our services, directions to our building, and a map. Our building is located one and one half miles east of Capital Circle Northeast, just three minutes off Interstate 10, at 4015 Centerville Road.

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A daily telephone message for an encouraging and enlightening thought based on the word of God.

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Character Studies In Genesis

Many people are interested in learning about the lives of others. At nearly any time one can find any number of biographies on the best-seller lists. Such an interest in learning more about people, and in turn learning more about self, should cause an individual to turn to the Bible.

In essence, the Bible is a biography. It is the story of its central character Jesus Christ. But as it reveals the Son of God and His life to man, it also relates the lives of many other people.

The lessons to be learned and the applications to be made from the lives of these people are of vital importance to that person who is striving to please God and looking forward to an eternal abode with Him.

It is with this in mind we have prepared the class book Character Studies in Genesis, a thirteen lesson study. The book of Genesis is filled with people, both good and bad, who teach us valuable lessons. Click here to download your free copy now (File size 384k)

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A preview of some upcoming special events the Centerville Road Church of Christ has scheduled.


We are simply Christians without being members of any denomination. We accept the Scriptures as our only authority in religious matters.